portrait photography

Popular Photographic Genres

Photography as an art that conveys the story to the viewer. This story may be about anything. If you have interest in creating these kinds of awesome photographic…

3ds max plugins

Top 3ds Max Plugins to Make Visual Effects

Cebas thinkingParticles – thinking Particles is used to create and simulate destruction’s thinking Particles used in most famous Hollywood movies (Avengers, Battleship and Snow White & the Huntsman)….

video game

18 Maya Plugins You Must to Know

Vray for maya Most vfx & Film studios around the world use vray. Vray is one of the best maya plugin to create photo realistic render. Solidangle Maya…

Best 3D Modeling Software (Complete List)

Computer Graphics is a dream for many students and artists. But most of the people don’t have any proper knowledge to choose right 3D modeling software for their…

website for film

How to Create a Website For Your Film

If you want to start your film marketing campaign using social media, the first thing you need a website for your film. The website is a great tool  for…

free filmmaking books

15 Free Filmmaking Books You Should Know

Free Filmmaking books about pre-production, screenwriting, cinematography, cameras, lighting, DSLR filmmaking, smartphone filmmaking, post production, film marketing and crowdfunding.